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Hi, I’m Christine Boersma Smith (my maiden name is pronounced Borz’-muh, but you can leave it out; it’s here because there are so many Christine Smiths).

I talk to lots of women who remind me of myself, when my kids were leaving the nest. I’m now a grandmother, and my contemporaries and I talk about life lessons and our continuing hopes, dreams, and callings. To so many, it seems there’s not enough time or energy to live the abundant life Jesus promised, where he’s with you even in adversity, so the burden’s light and his yoke’s easy. And no one wants to remain stuck and wonder why they don’t hear from God clearly. They’d like to follow divine guidance into a healed life, where they can freely express their hearts and make meaningful differences in the Kingdom of God on earth. Most likely, it’s not strictly by setting themselves aside while serving their families. 

I’ve journaled regularly since The Artist’s Way came out in the 90s. Recently, I heard God’s strong call to write and serve women again, and I felt nudged to dig out and read some of my old journal entries. What if I’d understood then what I believe now, I wondered, especially what I’ve learned during recent years? Then I clearly heard the Lord exhort me to tell of how he wants to transform us back to his original design, and he wants us to talk of his works and his glory to a wide audience.

So, I’ll be sharing what my younger self would like to have known earlier what God offers us, what He’s done for us, and what He will do for us going forward so that we may live up to the vision the Creator has always had for us, and what he planned in advance for us to do for the time we find ourselves in. Along the way, let’s be or become radiant and joyful women.

Here’s to your transformation and the freedom to carry out your personal calling and be your precious authentic self!

If you're a woman of faith in your second half of life, you may be surprised at all the ways your life over 50 was not anticipated to be as it now is. Some of us find ourselves pulled in different directions, whether because of a generational sandwich or by engaging in our many interests, being "busier now than I used to be!" Perhaps you're facing health issues affecting those you care about or yourself. With gray hair (whether it shows or not) comes wisdom . . . or does wisdom still seem elusive? Christine helps senior Christian women to be their genuine selves. Isn't it too late to keep people-pleasing, and just the right time to be God-pleasing? She helps you discern or hone your sacred calling, to bear good fruit while yoked to Jesus so you're not tired or weary, but rather, radiating Christ's light, love, freedom, and vibrancy . . . even as you age!

Be Yourself, Authentic, Creative & Free

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I only have about 60 copies left, some in NM and some in CA.

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None of us is perfect; we still have some hurt, unhealed, weak, or flawed areas in our lives. At Radiant Joy, we help believers learn about and experience healing, upleveling, freedom in Christ, and personal transformation. We want to help you to radiate joy in your life and your relationships!

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