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About Christine

Christine Boersma Smith, Radiant Joy’s founder, is a Holy Spirit-led author, Spiritual Director, and healing and freedom in Christ ministry leader and prayer team trainer. Her foundation is starting every day with Quiet Time with the Lord, so she can spend time in the Word, reflect on devotional messages, meditate and ponder what she’s receiving from the Lord, journal, ask questions, and expectantly wait in God’s Presence to hear what the Holy Spirit is saying or revealing to her. 

As a woman in her 70s, Christine has experienced the same challenges many of you face:

  • A period of spiritual apathy followed by conversion or reversion (in Christine’s case, rediscovery of her Catholic faith after 18 years away) and an open heart to unity and sharing in the Body of Christ; 
  • Leaving behind a demanding career and overwhelming busyness; deciding whether or when to retire; handling financial challenges; and discerning how to live life to the full now;  
  • Strained and then reconciled family relationships, and living in the middle of a four-layer generational sandwich;  
  • Health challenges; loss and grief; 
  • Relocations, downsizing, and the need for decluttering physically, digitally, emotionally, and spiritually; 
  • Gender and age discrimination, including age-related social invisibility; 
  • Trauma’s effects and the need for forgiveness and healing, for oneself and helping others through prayer ministry; 
  • Accepting our identity—who we are in Christ—holy and blameless in his sight, endowed with every gift we need to accomplish what God planned for us personally; doing individual inner work to renounce deception and walk confidently as one’s REAL and HOLY Self; and
  • Understanding the old nature’s resistance to surrender despite a heart’s desire to overcome fear and resistance and reawakening to the fullness of God in us.

With all that history, Christine feels called to serve and support Catholic and other Christian women, especially those born before 1970. Is this you?

Her mission is to encourage older women to deeper intimacy with the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. How? 

  • Allowing the Father to show us the pruning necessary to promote our vibrancy and fruitfulness. 
  • Remaining connected to Jesus, who is the vine and the bread of life. 
  • Embracing the Holy Spirit and radiating love and the joy of the Gospel to others. 

Christine has a heart for leadership and service through compassionate listening, spiritual writing, intercessory prayer, Spirit-led transformational coaching, and Benedictine-modeled spiritual direction. 

She’s hosted Christian retreats and quilting retreats, given creativity talks at quilt guilds and forgiveness and freedom in Christ presentations at churches, and she’s taught in person and via remote connections. An award-winning quilter who’s exhibited at Sacred Threads and around the country, Christine wrote Reap As You Sew: Spirit at Work in Quiltmaking, which explores the meditative and inspirational aspects of the art of quiltmaking, with practical advice on how to enhance that connection. It was written upon her discovery 15 years ago that the stress of her career as a lawyer and the busyness of her life as a wife, mother, and church and sports volunteer needed a spiritual antidote.

Christine inspires and encourages her followers to elevate their spiritual journey from “pretty good” to a life deeply aligned with our Creator, Savior, and the Holy Spirit, who sanctifies and empowers us. Let us journey together towards shining brightly in our senior years—with vibrancy, bearing good fruit, embodying peace and holiness, and radiating abundant joy!

You might also like to see Christine's quilts, made through her Reap As You Sew spiritual quiltmaking process:

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