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Asking God Beforehand—Whether About Something Big or Small!

I made a mistake by acting according to my ideas for how to accomplish something without asking God for his blessing, direction, or wisdom–especially since what I was working on was for the Lord. I wasn’t sure what the consequences would be. I had a phone call afterward that I perceived as a painful chastisement. Reflecting on that conversation brought me to repentance and two-way dialogue with the Lord. The Father responded lovingly and offered guidance about my next steps: to wait, trust, and not worry.

He also counseled me to live in the present rather than re-hashing and second-guessing. He confirmed that there was a lesson in this for me. So, I give God thanks for what happened. I praise our awesome God from whom all blessings flow, for He is my ever-present help in times of trouble. And I pray, “Father, would you please help me understand and learn the lesson, in Jesus’ name?”

I need to internalize, with Grace, that God’s thoughts and ways are so far superior to my own thoughts and ways that it’s laughable to ever decide to act on mine without first seeking God’s counsel or direction. 

Ok, so maybe I might choose what to have for lunch, among the healthy options we allow in our house, without daily check-ins about the menu . . .  I thought. But then again, why not? Wouldn’t even asking the Holy Spirit what to eat at a meal reinforce a good practice of praying unceasingly by talking to the Lord at every step of my day? Yes!

Kevin, one of my faithful prayer group leaders, has an extensive collection of t-shirts with graphics relating to God’s love and ways (all Biblical, of course)—primarily witty or presented with something very eye-catching. Friends often gift him with them! He wears one every day, and when he selects one each morning, he asks the Lord which one to wear. Then he goes about his day. His testimony is that the t-shirts are fantastic conversation starters. They open the door for him to share Jesus with countless strangers as well as family members and acquaintances, and it seems that whichever t-shirt he’s wearing on a particular day brings up what the people he encounters most need to hear. Kevin routinely has bold and striking conversations, invites commenters to come or return to Jesus, and often prays with people on the spot. If you want to hear Kevin’s own testimony, check out this podcast., “Pentecost Wasn’t Just a Historical Event!”

Isn’t that a perfect example of bringing even our simple choices to the Lord and responding in obedience to God’s promptings? How about you—how might you build a habit of asking God for daily help with your choices—like presenting your day’s To Do list to God for clarification, prioritization, or elimination once a day? Or how else might you (and I) seek more of God’s input throughout each day? Show Me Your Ways is a beautiful and apt song! Praise and worship music helps me stay mindful of the need for God’s input, whether the music is out loud with words when I’m doing certain physical activities or soft instrumentals while I’m writing or thinking. 


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