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Joy-full Transitioning from Reap As You Sew to Radiant Joy

The last post on my Reap As You Sew Facebook page was in July 2019, when I announced my retirement. Well, God had other plans! I’m back, with a new website, a Facebook page just started, and a new book in the works. My focus still involves breakthroughs to greater freedom, joy, and creativity (expanded to “fruitfulness”)—but now we’re on version 2.0!  

More than ever, I’ll be talking about becoming the person—the masterpiece, the beautiful woman—God created you to be. We’ll address BEING more than DOING, living in a more peaceful and healthier way, free of constant busyness, habitual striving, always in a rush, trying hard to excel and achieve, yet frequently overwhelmed and just plain stressed or worn out. We’ll learn about freedom from all that, and from whatever holds you back from all you can be, all God has planned for you.  About being-ness and producing good fruit with far less effort. About loving yourself, seeing yourself through God’s eyes, and not putting everyone else’s demands first until you are depleted. We’re going on a holistic, Spirit-led, Christocentric journey to wholeness, gratitude, freedom, harmony, ease, godliness, confident self-expression . . . and a joy that radiates light and love. Won’t you please join me at my new Radiant Joy Facebook page?

Especially for those of you who’ve followed me before because of quiltmaking, I’m happy to say there are some new quilts to look at, too! This summer I joyfully created three baby quilts, and I also finished one art quilt and started another—after completing two quilts during the whole pandemic (one to donate to a wounded veteran and one for my newest granddaughter). While not quilting so much, I devoted the past three years to spiritual growth, growing more intimate with the Lord, family, and personal transformation. 

Here are my recent from-the-heart quilts:

This one’s 40” x 35” and is called “Celebrating Love and Joy.” It will be hung as a whimsical and playful reminder in my home of those two essential fruits of the Holy Spirit. 

Made for my grandniece in Denver, here is “Thank Heaven for Nora!” The feature photo shows it in use .

My grandniece in Richmond, Virginia, got this one, “Thank Heaven for Sophie,” and her name is hidden in the free-motion machine quilting. It’s approximately 42” x 55,” and I quilted all three of them on my Bernina mid-arm quilting machine, except for the straight lines and blanket stitches, which I did on my Bernina 5-series.  

I’ll publish the other baby quilt after I present it to the baby in October, and the art quilt when it’s done, who knows when!

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