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Power of Belief

Sometimes all that’s standing between you and what you desire is belief. That the power of belief is key to the outcomes you experience is borne out by scripture and by the myriad stories of motivational speakers. Wise teachers contend that we mostly get what we believe, although we may not realize exactly what our beliefs are. Proverbs 23:7 warns us: “As you think in your heart, so shall you be.”

The first step in putting the power of belief to work is to identify what you want—but not in minute detail; the essence of your goal is best—focusing on WHAT you want and not HOW you achieve it or the small details of what it will look like. For example, to be healthy was probably the goal of the poor, untouchable, hemorrhaging women who believed in Jesus, “If I but touch his clothes, I shall be cured” (Mark 5:28). Indeed, Jesus felt the power going out of him when she surreptitiously touched the hem of his garment; and he told her and the crowd that her faith was the basis of her healing. She may have cared more about her health than her status, but his word gave her respectability as well. The power of belief paid off big time!

A simple project can illustrate how to go through a 7-Step Manifestation process, which I’m so grateful to have learned many years ago from Ericka D. James. But I must admit, I need to remind myself periodically, so that’s why I’m sharing this post.

Want. The first step in the process is to commit and determine the project to be done or the goal you desire—following up on my August podcast, how about making it a decluttering project? To achieve success with this, I urge you to set as your target something achievable in under two hours. BELIEF is easier if the goals seem attainable from the outset. Alternatively, if you’re willing to trust God and stretch your faith, you might even select a goal that seems humanly impossible, while believing that nothing is impossible for God. Either way, the next question is: “Who would I need to be in order to meet my goal?” For the decluttering project, I believe being prepared, realistic, and in a mindset of abundance will help most. It would help to state this in an affirming “I Am” statement. To get ideas for a good “I am” statement, request a copy of A to Z Proclamations of How God Sees You.

Hope. The next step is HOPE, so engage in consistently thinking of possibilities and positivities.

Desire. After hope comes DESIRE, focusing on the essence of what you long for, such as certain piles to be eliminated and, by the end of the day, knowing where the stuff formerly in the piles now “lives” (whether in your home or off to charity or recycling).

Belief. We’ll ground the BELIEF by engaging our imaginations about what benefit the newly decluttered area will offer and/or how you’ll feel about accomplishing the task. Selecting inspiring music, breaks, and rewards can enhance our success and make it all more fun. You might think of it as Decluttering-for-Fun Day, so you can engage your childlike spirit and make this work more like play. Maybe dance through the job with some lively oldies but goodies music?

Faith. Taking a “before” photo and planning to take an “after” photo as well, will combine belief + action into FAITH in the process. Embrace with 100% certainty that your goal will be fulfilled. If you’re a person of faith, this step could involve setting an intention and/or saying a prayer for persistence, guidance, and blessing along the way.

Embodiment. Following through in faith with action, good systems, and/or spiritual guidance will allow you to declutter or organize in chunks. Also practice good self-care by taking healthy breaks, hydrating, and nourishing yourself well. You’ll see visual progress along the way, a reward in itself. You’ll be DOING what the person described in the Step 1 “I Am” statement does!

God, of course, is sovereign, omnipotent, and all-loving. Your beliefs matter, especially your faith. Couple your prayers with faith, and know that God’s ways are higher than ours. So, seek God’s guidance, direction, wisdom, and let God be your very present help in trouble!

Please feel free to contact me through my RadiantJoy.us website about areas where you find it most challenging to believe in positive outcomes.


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