My Compassion Project

My Compassion Project

Testimonials About UNBOUND Ministry

All Adult Christians Should Seek This Opportunity

“As I left my Unbound ministry session, I could tell that I had changed. I saw my sins and the lies in my life clearly and fully, and the Light of Christ exposed and expelled them. I wouldn’t change anything about my ministry experience. I received such wonderful care and respect throughout the entire process. I am so grateful for having had the opportunity to name my sins, recognize the lies that ran through my life, and renounce them, each and all in the name of Jesus. I was able to see myself as I truly am and I received many beneficial insights from the prayer leader [Christine] at the prompting of the Holy Spirit. All the while I was supported by an intercessor who prayed for me and gave me courage.

Upon leaving the session I had joy, trust, and contentment in my heart and mind and I thought with certainty that all adult Christians should seek this opportunity. I have confidence that, with the 5 Keys, I will continue to be free from the tortures that plagued me, so that I can more clearly hear God’s Voice and discern His Will. As I continued my way home I knew in my heart that I am a beloved child of God, swept clean and put in right order. Washed clean in the blood of the Lamb. Thank you for praying with me.”

~A faithful woman in her 40s

Gratitude, Joy, and Empowerment

I am so Grateful to God who placed Christine and M before me to hear me with an open heart and without judgment. I felt relief from some issues that I wasn’t aware were a burden to me. After I left the prayer ministry, I felt gratefulness and joy. I feel empowered and I will refer to the tools of the
book through the 5 Keys of freedom.  . . . I am grateful for this wonderful offering and will definitely pass it on (as I have already done). I wish ALL persons could experience this wonderful experience of
the Holy Trinity through wonderful loving beings such as M… and Christine.  Alleluia, Peace, Gratitude

~From Victoria, who drove three hours each way for her Unbound session

My life was transformed through Unbound Ministry, which taught me how to apply to my life the Gospel’s Five Keys to Freedom in Christ:

I have been giving back to this ministry for the past ten years, and I want to continue to support it in a variety of ways as it’s expanded exponentially to serve Christians of all denominations and even to evangelize new believers on almost every continent. 

Through the power of the Holy Spirit, I’ve started and trained Unbound ministry teams in San Francisco and, more recently, in Albuquerque. When our teams have put on Freedom in Christ conferences, we’ve shared the offerings received with Heart of the Father Ministries, who is responsible for all the materials and training we’ve benefited from. Unbound teammates and I have attended several biannual international Unbound Leadership Conferences in Philadelphia, as well as other conferences at which the founding family, the Lozanos, have spoken, talked, and trained people. And mostly, I’ve served many people through individual Unbound sessions, typically about two hours each, with remarkable results.

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