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Who God Says You Are–Do You Believe It?

I’m guessing that who God says you are (your true identity) is much better than who you think you are and your negative self-talk! I love Ephesians 2:10: “We—you and I—are God’s handiwork—masterpieces in some translations—created in Christ Jesus to do the good works that God has prepared in advance, that we should live in them—do, in some translations.” This same book of the Bible is full of God’s opinion of us and plans for us–for you and me and others. In Ephesians Chapter One, verses 3 to 5, you can be assured that:

you are blessed with every spiritual blessing in the heavens;
you were chosen by God before the world was even created “to be holy and without blemish before him;” and
you’re destined by love to be God’s adopted child through Jesus Christ, as per the favor of his will. 

Your true identity is mind-bogglingly awesome!

There’s also an opposing voice that doesn’t want you to know or believe all that; it wants your true identity doubted, denied, and hidden. It could be considered an inner voice born of your experiences. Or it could be the voice of a spiritual deceiver, a lying loser, already defeated by the blood of Christ yet still running rampant . . . except when God’s people use their voices and power to shut that voice down by renouncing it using the authority that’s in the name of Jesus, and/or when they speak the truth they’ve taken in and believed through the Word of God.

Despite how many years and hours I spent in Bible reading, Bible study, and hearing the Word proclaimed at church, conferences, and prayer meetings—guess what? I still struggled with false beliefs I picked up as a child: that “I’m not enough,” that I must please people, and that I had to earn love, approval, acceptance, and/or belonging. I was susceptible to others’ criticism and frequently berated myself. I tried to prove myself through academics, sports, and even trying to be a perfect parent. Ha! I landed in a hectic lifestyle of doing, doing, and overdoing. I was a slave to my To Do List. I was often too stressed to sleep well, and . . . well, I was like a chicken with its head cut off, running around scattered and without a clear purpose. I often held back from fully expressing myself (even to those I loved most) out of fear of disapproval and rejection.

Since the start of the pandemic, everything has changed. I had the time and solitude to increase my daily prayer time. I joined weekly Holy Spirit-led prayer groups that met via Zoom. I undertook a systematic Bible in a Year podcast program. I pursued my passion for Unbound deliverance and healing prayer ministry. I practiced what I taught about the Five Gospel Keys of Unbound: Repentance and Faith, Forgiveness, Renunciation of unclean spirits, using commands of Authority in the Name of Jesus to cast out darkness, and receiving The Father’s Blessing.

I fully participated in Master Life Coach Debrena Jackson Gandy’s Advanced Personal Transformation Program that I’ll be re-joining for the fourth year in January. That program opened my eyes to how God sees his children. In it, I formed deep relationships for mutual challenge and support. And I also heard the Lord calling me to serve him through writing again. 

I finally started to learn who God says I am. Knowing how God originally designed me is huge! Knowing better who God is, gave me the courage to finally surrender to the Lord, to trust God’s will for me, to let go of trying to control everything, and to start living life to the full like never before. I learned that my identity as a daughter of the Most High remains—even though I sin and fall short of God’s glory in my thoughts, words, deeds, and omissions. Praise be to our God, who is merciful and forgiving!

Now let’s humbly recognize our dignity as children of God, because we share in God’s nature and in his divine power bestowed on us through knowledge of Him and through Christ’s grace and the gifts of the Spirit. ~2 Pet. 1:3-4. Humility, by the way, isn’t putting yourself down. (Remember, “God doesn’t make junk!”) Rather, as the 13th-century theologian Thomas Aquinas explained in his Summa Theologica, “aim[ing] at greater things through confidence in God’s help is not contrary to humility; especially since the more one subjects oneself to God, the more is one exalted in God’s sight.”

I’d like to offer you something that’s helped me, hoping it will uplift you as well. First, I went through journals, notebooks, and the Bible and created a 10-page list of affirming beliefs, with citations to where I found them—but it was too long to read daily to get the truths to sink in. A mentor-friend, Barbara Hemphill, told me that one of her mentors, Stephanie Richter, suggested recording and listening to Biblical truths every morning and evening to create neural pathways. My IT-savvy, Christian Activator and Teacher, DeLayna Elliott, would call this reprogramming your brain. So, I edited my 10-page list down to one. Maybe you’ll want to create your own, but to get you started, I thought you might like to listen to mine, which I’ve posted on YouTube as Who God Says You Are. If you’d like a written copy of my Proclamations of Truth, please click here to sign up for my Radiant Joy e-list, and you’ll also get a copy of my e-booklet, 21 Reminders about How to Approach the Creative Process.

Here’s to hearing, knowing, believing, and living according to your true identity, who God says you are! 

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