Transform Your Life with Christine's Radiant Joy Audio and Video Experiences

Christine was interviewed at the 2015 Sacred Threads Exhibition in Herndon, Virginia

Learn about the story of Christine’s quilt, Let Spirit Flow. During this interview, she explains that this masterpiece is about creativity, inspiration, and the Holy Spirit.


Christine as a guest on Linda Schubert's Miracles of the Heart radio show in 2009 speaking about The Challenge and Gifts of Her Teen's Pregnancy.

Discover Christine Smith’s inspiring story of overcoming the challenges and gifts of her teen’s pregnancy as she shares on Linda Schubert’s Miracles of the Heart radio show in 2009 and find guidance for your own journey.

Unlock the truth of your identity in Christ with Christine Smith’s A to Z Proclamations, and learn how to overcome negative self-talk, radiate joy, and reflect Jesus’s light as you discover your blessings and favored status as an ambassador of Christ. Watch it here:

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