Do you want to be a faithful and fruitful disciple of Jesus, only to realize that you’re not spiritually where you hoped you’d be at this point in your life? If you answered yes, chances are you’re a well-meaning believer with a lot on your plate, putting in effort but unable to experience one or more of these things to which you are called: 

Christine and her guests encourage you to tap into the power of the Holy Spirit to enjoy supernatural assistance in living the life for which God designed and equipped you. He has given you every spiritual blessing you need to accomplish your divine calling. Christine’s guests will share some of their spiritual practices, stories, discoveries and insights. We pray these will help you stay attached to Jesus, the vine, and bear good fruit.

We’re here to help you Shine Your Light and Radiate Joy into a world that needs both. It’s time to be uplifted and to love one another . . . Are you ready?

Episode 17: Answering the Divine Call

Join our host in a captivating exploration of the Holy Spirit’s influence and the significance of spiritual gifts in the lives of Christian creatives—writers, quilters, techies, and others! With a fun blend of storytelling and textile artistry, Christine encourages listeners to channel their creativity and divine calling into impactful creative expressions that spread God’s blessings far and wide. Tailored for seasoned Christians embracing the second half of life, this inspiring talk includes highlights of a recent Kingdom Messengers conference that garnered 26,500 views! Get inspired and empowered to sow seeds of creativity and faith.

Episode 17: Answering the Divine Call

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