Reap As You Sew

Reap As You Sew: Spirit at Work in Quiltmaking


$19.95 (limited quantity left)

This why-to-quilt book with over 90 color photos resonates with spiritual quilters everywhere! The true stories span a range from beginning to expert quilters, with styles including traditional pieced and appliqué quilts, abstract and representational art quilts, and modern quilting, using commercial as well as hand-dyed and dye-painted fabrics, and some multi-media, too. The belief systems and even the ages of the featured quilters encompass a broad range. The individual stories stand alone, making for great reading in small spurts . . . if you can put the book down!

This isn’t a pattern book for making the quilts pictured in it. Rather, it’s a book about process and inspiration. Each chapter includes a variety of practical exercises and reflections to enhance the connections between spirituality and creativity, particularly expressed through quiltmaking but applicable to other creative underetakings— making it a workbook you could come back to over and over. Book clubs have enjoyed discussing it, and it lends itself very well to small quilt groups looking for a different kind of challenge. The book’s been enjoyed by quilters and non-quilters alike; the principles of living a creative life shine throughout its 111 pages!

(2014, Westbow Press)

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